This is Carlos.

My Verizon App

A hyper local, Bluetooth-enabled retail experience for iOS and Android


During the design and build-out of their new SMART stores, Verizon saw an opportunity to introduce iBeacons in select locations for an enhanced in-store experience. In 2015 they partnered with Fueled, where myself and a team of Product Strategists designed, implemented, and tested an improved multi-platform mobile product that supplements the benefits of IRL shopping with the convenience of digital.


Indoor Positioning

By leveraging iBeacon bluetooth units positioned around "lifestyle zones", we were able to triangulate a user's location and offer unique content relating to products immediately next to them in the store.  


Personalized Shopping

Rich data in My Verizon accounts helped us create more valuable notifications. For instance, users entering the "Have Fun" lifestyle zone are offer gaming accessories compatible with their device.

Untitled design (4).png

Easy Checkout

One goal of the project was to increase sales while decreasing wait times. To help achieve this, we empowered with user with self-checkout capability, thus removing another purchasing barrier often found in retail.